Review On Various Brands Of Salted Oats

Reviewing Quaker, Saffola, Horlicks & Kelloggs Brand of Salted Oats.
*(I have reviewed only the salty lapsi/daliya ones, not the sweet porridge types because I am not really very fond of sweet porridge though a really good and extensive variety is available in Quaker oats.).


  While Quaker has the most balanced ingredients, as well as measurements for salt (already added) or water to be added, Saffola is quite filling with its quantity for one time breakie. Also, Saffola tastes best, next followed by Quaker and Horlicks quite close though you need to add salt to Saffola & Kellogs (pic1 – prhps in keeping with BP or other health requirements of people). In these, you can add salt as per your desire or requirement though Quaker & Horlicks are as salty as any ready-to-cook food combo normally are. I was irritated by the ‘different’ water addition requirement of Kelloggs packet (200ml as compared to 1 cup-160-17-ml or 1.5 cup-240 ml of water required in others). Makes life cumbersome when you need to bother with measurements esp when you are in dire need of a quick fix-me-up! :| :X



Notice the ingredients carefully.


While 3 out of 4 offer quite safe ingredients, there is one that has added an ingredient esp harmful. Which one? Read the next pic.


Kelloggs Oats has added Silica, which is also known as silicone dioxide, damages the liver. Silica dust is a known carcinogen, lung irritant, and a central nervous system toxin.


No, I am not being paid for this review! But i feel the need to communicate something I feel is of utmost relevance to our health. In case you want to know if these 3-minute ready-to-cook food-packets are safe for consumption by a baby or child, let me make it very clear that I wrote this as an adult consumer so absolutely no idea if this these can be given to a baby or even a child. It is best to ask a certified Pediatrician, esp the one Doctor whom you consult for your baby. However, most of the ready-to-cook packet-ed oats have a prominent presence of ‘chilly flakes’ which CANNOT be allowed to be consumed by a baby or a small child. :|

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2 thoughts on “Review On Various Brands Of Salted Oats”

  1. I like people who check ingredients. It is very important to be aware. I too am not very fond of sweet oats and prefer salty ones. Have made Saffola ones once. Kellogs adding Silica is alarming. My son consumes choco chips from Kellogs and this tells me to check the ingredient list for that again. I prefer making my own version of salted oats though it’s not a 3 min quick snack. I make it salsa style, tangy, yummy and a bit spicy :)

    1. Great to read from a genuine reader! I am happy that you responded to the post with your own experience. Do Do check out the choco chips thing please! AND YEAH, ITS BEST TO MAKE SNACKS AT HOME IN YOUR OWN WAY FOR HOME-VARIATIONS AND CREATIONS ARE THE BEST. ^_^ Mom makes sauce/chutneys at home and we feel blessed for that added flavour in our life. ;)

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